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All About BookBoks

A little about us, and exactly how BookBoks works!

About BookBoks

Many studies into childhood reading levels show that children are reading less today than ever before, despite the enjoyment and many other benefits that reading brings. It became clear, during a trip to the kids section of the local library, that this was not due to kids not being interested in books anymore - the children at the library were devouring Dr Seuss and Roald Dahl like there was no tomorrow. No, the issue was much more simple than that. It is simply harder than ever for kids to get their hands on a book that excites them. Kids love to hold their favorite book in their hands, bring it to bed with them at night, draw doodles in the margins, fold the page corners, and ask Mom about any particularly difficult words they might come across.

That is why BookBoks was born. Our goal is to put as many wonderful books into the hands of as many excited and imaginative children as possible.

Here's how it works:

First, you simply sign up for a BookBoks subscription and tell us a little about your child and what makes them tick.

Then, your personal BookBoks Expert will  carefully choose 2 pre-loved books for your child each and every month. You can keep in touch with your Expert as much or as little as you wish so that as your child grows, and their tastes change, so too will their BookBoks.

Finally, we will ship your child's BookBoks straight to your door. All you have to do is make some cocoa, grab a blanket, and join your child as their imagination soars through the magical universes created by their books.